(H) >Sha Touched< (3/6) LF1M Healer

Guild Recruitment
► Real ID Contact: - Jordan: zrrz911@hotmail.com

Recruitment Needs

1 Healer (Needs DPS offspec, No Shaman or Paladin.)

** You will need to be ready to push content quickly! **

Raid Dates/Times

(5:00pm-9:00pm) Server Barthilas
[Subject to be longer based on progression needs and will reduce after progression is over.]
Most of our core raid members are military so there is not a set day for raiding but the times will always remain the same.

What You Can Expect

► All Sha Touched raiders can expect fair distribution of loot and equal opportunity to raid.
► We will never ask anything of you that we wouldn't ask of any of our other members.
► You can expect a full duration trial period lasting anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
► Lastly, you can expect a group of dedicated, like minded players that are willing to go the
extra mile for you to push content and develop our community.

General Information

We have a top end atmosphere attitude and expect our members to have the same mindset. While we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, we maximize our raid time and expect members to focus. We expect our members to perform well and theory-craft on their class in order to optimize their performance.

Best of luck,

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