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Moon Guard
Just north of Andorhal during a time when Lordaeron's skies were sunny and it's grasses green, there sat the Norwood Estate. Thirty acres were used to cultivate crops and train the guardsman of the House while a small walled-in castle surrounded by several homes flew the banner of the wolf under Lordaeron's colors.

Garren Norwood was the Lord-Commander of this estate alongside his wife, Cecilia, and their only son and one day successor to Lord of House, Darohn. In Andorhal Garren Norwood was revered for being a fair, albeit sometimes stern trader and was one of the major reasons Andorhal's harvests were as good annually as they had ever been. His son Darohn, however, didn't take a fair enough interest in harvesting crops and grew restless and so he was shipped to the Arathi Highlands to train and become a ranger.

The time he spent in the Highlands taught him many things aside from survival. It also taught him of just how much he truly missed his father's estate and his family. His time away gave him a newfound respect for the people he had once taken for granted and long, cold nights in the rain taught him to never take a roof and warm meal for granted. And once his training was complete, Darohn returned to Andorhal.

During his time away the traitor Arthas as well as the Forsaken had seen to it that Lordaeron had fallen. It's once blue skies had darkened and the once green grass seemed burnt and lifeless. His father's estate was destroyed and his parents dead. Their remains were found and buried and with it any claims he held to his father's position as Lord of the House.

But even after serving for as long as Darohn would he could feel the tug of urgency to restore the House. To reclaim the estate. And slowly with time he began to rally supporters not only of himself and the House but of Lordaeron. Some were not even from Lordaeron but simply sought to retake the lands and deal a blow so severe to the Horde and the Forsaken that they would leave the Eastern Kingdoms once and for good.

Organization and Ranks:
- Marshal (Highest Officer rank)
- Advisor (Middle Officer rank)
- The High Guard (Lowest Officer rank)
- Champion
- Exemplar
- Herald
- Conscript
- Oathsworn
- Hopeful (Newcomer / Newly joined)

Purpose and Pursuit:
- To restore the House Norwood as a once prominant fixture in northern Lordaeron.
- To restore Andorhal to the thriving city that it once was.
- To unite any willing to serve under the banner of House Norwood.

How to Join:
- Contact Darohn / Huric / Io via in-game mail and or private message.
- After initially contacting Darohn, you will be subject to a private oath-taking ceremony.
- Upon completion of the oath, you will then be sworn in under the banner of Norwood.

Rules and Membership:
- All classes and races are accepted.
- Drama is not tolerated on any level.
- Discrimination, wether racial or otherwise, will be treated with guild removal.
- All meetings are mandatory for all members online. Refusal to attend will result in removal from the guild. This rule is more lenient towards officers, however.
- Missing fourteen consecutive days and / or four or more events per month may result in guild removal. Asking for time off, however, is encouraged if in fact you know you will be away for an extended length of time.
- Any actions that negatively reflect on the guild, it's purpose or it's members in an OoC environment will result in strict disciplinary actions / possible removal from the Guild.

- We have a 60-man Ventrillo that is active and that we share with the Lohngoron.
- We are a level 20 guild.
- We have all the bank tabs as well as unlimited daily repairs for all members.
- We are very active and at nearly fifty members.
- We are incredibly devoted to our members. If you're new to RP? We're more than glad to 'show you the ropes', so to speak.
- We provide a drama-free environment for all members.[/quote]
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