(RP Story) The Discovery Part 1/2

Emerald Dream
Jin’Taza sat at the back of The Filthy Animal, books and different papers scattered around him. Some patrons would pass him and say nothing or nod at him in greeting. Others would pass him and say things like “This is a bar, not a library.” Jin’Taza would grumble under his breath or say things like “Shut da !@#$ up, I be tryin’ ta read here mon.” and normally they would leave him be.
“Here ya go mon.” Said a fairly attractive female Troll setting a cup of frog venom brew in front of him. Jin’Taza smiled at her gently and slid two gold onto the table. She collected it and proceeded to walk back downstairs. He took a sip of his drink and went back to sifting through the different writing pieces sprawled out in front of him. Jin’Taza was used to being buried in books for many hours, when he wasn’t with other warband members. Currently he was studying the ordering of Azeroth taking a break from his different experiments involving alchemy and biological warfare. However this was the first time he was asked to take on a project for someone else.
For the past few weeks Jin’Taza has been working with a Forsaken named Theenie on a way to introduce the warlock Nang back into the warband. Nang wasn’t a trusted member of the warband, but his intelligence was unparallel to anyone else, even possibly Jin’Taza’s. A few members of the warband did agree having Nang being back would be a good thing; however Juzmik was against the idea and against warlocks in the warband to begin with. It was often found people tend to listen to the loudest voice and Juzmik certainly did have the loudest. Jin’Taza didn’t like it but he had to work against Juzmik to get Nang back, but it was what was best for the future of Gor’Watha.
The last time Theenie and Jin’Taza talked she had asked him to find a mysterious box in Northrend. Normally a task such as this wouldn’t bother him however he found something odd about the request. Jin’Taza for the past three months had been looking for the exact same artifact for himself, so it just seemed odd she and Nang were interested in it as well. To Jin’Taza’s knowledge this artifact was a puzzle of sort and inside lay knowledge about the early days of Azeroth. Why they wanted this he didn’t know but the question burned in his mind. He knew a bit of Nang’s work through a drunken conversation with Chief Yarbo. He knew that Nang had been working on a portal technology of sorts and trying to find ways to other worlds to use them as resources. What Nang needed with this puzzle box he would find out in time.
Theenie had told him the artifact would most likely be found in either Icecrown or the Stormpeaks. Jin’Taza pulled out a map of Northrend from the stack of papers and looked it over. He sighed to himself as he looked at the map his eyes darting between the two areas. His eyes fell upon the northern most point of The Stormpeaks. Ulduar. The prison for the Old God Yogg-Saron. He bit the inside of his cheek nervously, as he looked back at Icecrown. He knew that here a spider like race named the Neurbians had built underground cities all over Northrend. He knew little of this race but what he did know is that some members were waged in war against creatures called The Faceless, servants of the Old Gods.
Jin’Taza’s eyes widened and the map slid out of his hand. How did he not see this before? How did he not link all the clues together sooner, how was he so foolish. This artifact wasn’t some device that would give him insight to the creation of Azeroth; it was a very relic of the Old Gods themselves. He quickly packed up his books and papers and made his way for the portal to Orgrimmar. He didn’t know what Nang wanted with it, but he intended to find out.

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