[H] Guild <Blood Fist> is recruiting!

Earthen Ring
Faction: Horde
Raid Size: 25 man
Time zone: EST
Apply: http://www.blood-fist.net/forums/

What we're looking for:
DPS and Healers

If you're a good anything, however, your application will receive consideration. We like being around cool and talented people, and will try to make room for you if we can!

To be considered you'll need the gear for current Heroic mode progression, be able to prove you can treat it right and use it well, have relevant experience leading up to what we're doing. Additionally, we’re looking for people with whom we’ll be able to get along with. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys being obnoxious, then Fist isn’t for you. (Racist, sexist, gay-bashing folks need not apply. Nothing to see here, move along.)

You'll also need a stable computer and internet connection. We still use Ventrillo (Mumble kept crapping out on us). You can get away with not having a mic for regular raiding for most dps positions, however we do insist on performing an initial interview over Vent. You will need a mic for this interview, after which you can put it in a drawer if you want to. :P

About the Guild:
<Blood Fist> was created February 22, 2005 on Earthen Ring. We’ve been around a long time and we’re not going anywhere any time soon. If you’re tired of the flash-in-the-pan guilds run by kids, Fist may be a great option for you.

<Blood Fist> has a PG-13 rule for Guild chat. We are a mature persons guild with some members who have kids that play or watch Mom and Dad play. We strive to keep the environment fun and friendly. We’re not oppressive. We joke around and tease each other where appropriate. When it comes time to get focused and raid, that’s what we do. There is a balance to be maintained between kidding around and having fun, and focusing and killing bosses. We like to think we attain this balance pretty well.

8/8 heroic. Finished out DS later than I would have liked. Maintaining momentum in the face of two major MMO releases was a challenge. Mists is a fresh start and we’re looking forward to pushing the envelope. We will be doing heroic content in Mists.

Raid Times:
8:00pm - 12:00am (midnight)
Wed, Th, Mon.

-If you want to join Blood Fist to get loot, you're not who we're looking for. We raid because we enjoy raiding, not because we like epics.
-If you don't think researching your spec is important, you're not who we're looking for.
-If you don't have the best possible gems and enchants on all of your gear, you're not who we're looking for.
-If you think showing up on time, repairing your gear, and having proper consumables are optional, you're not who we're looking for.
09/17/2012 03:18 PMPosted by Beardicus
nice to see a 25 man raid team. good luck to you in MoP raiding

I see how it is.

There is an old recruit thread out there too. This one as the current info.
Bump for my Blood Fist homies.
Still looking for a few DPS. Other info still valid.
Contact Colder or battle tag him at Colder #1833
Bumping, Blood Fist is good folk.
Still looking for DPS and healers for 25 man raiding. Vaults are cleared and working on Heart f Fear (2/6 currently).
Make that 5/6 Heart of Fear.
Wishing you guys much success. Our server needs more 25man teams.
The first guild I joined when I came to ER in 2005. <3

I miss Kopfjagger. :<

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