The Cake is a LIE™

Bleeding Hollow
The 100th guild in the US to acquire the name The Cake is a LIE™ is seeking avid event organizers, recruiters and website management afficianados.

Organizer - Those with experience hosting rBGs, raids and misc. content with an altitude of success.

Recruiter - Players who find themselves on during MOST of the peak hours (-5:00 GMT.) These players should stand ready to interview ME upon applying, as you will occassionally be asked several questions about the guild dynamics that you should be able to answer. (Additional addons will be required for this position.)

Website Management - These folks are the first / second line of communication in the guild. A large majority of information will be displayed uniquely on the guild's website; As such, I require dedicated players willing to keep the community up to date with guild information.

About: The Cake is a LIE™ is social project, it is about developing a community where players won't feel that they must limit themselves to one aspect of the game. We will attempt to acquire an assortment of players, with various skill-levels and focuses; This way, competent players and new players alike can tackle content at their own pace, but with the support and tools necessary to succeed at their goals.

"A large benefit of this mentality, is that players are less likely to get burnt out on a specific area of the game, as i've done in the past."

-Disäin (GM)


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