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all they would have to do is allow game stores to sell the box the day before and let people preinstall. you know, the way everyone who bought online from blizz will be. and then bam 12 am eastern pandaland opens for EVERYONE in NA. sorry, but i don't buy the arguement that it will hurt pst folks at all to do it that way. im not asking for a different time for every zone but rather they open it based on est for all na. eu will have been open anyway so why even make an issue? just because you could install it from a disc wouldnt make panda open. it would just allow everything to flow smoothly. and yeah as an est person who can't "just take off work" it is something to be irked about.
So, no 'updating launcher' deal?

How do we know that our game has background loaded?

And...if folks want to play from the moment it goes live, then they need to pay Blizzard directly! There should be a perk for Blizzard not having to share their profits with Game Stop.

I just hope that pre-purchased have theirs loaded and ready because I'd hate to have to sit for hours while the launcher loads like it did in the previous big patch.
i want to complain toward the EB Games(aka GameStop) to not have a Midnight Release ... :'(

well, at least the one i went to :'(
Midwest time here. Go to bed at 8, sleep until 1am, get coffee, snack, take the dogs out, wait with my main...

Retired here, being old has some perks...
09/18/2012 11:13 AMPosted by Ríckross
I don't know why people are even complaining about 3 am est launch time, it's been like that for every expansion, or blizzard release haha.

False. Every Blizzard game up to WotLK had a midnight EST launch. This screw the East coast trend started with SC2/Bnet 2.0.
I have a question - Will professions also be suddenly trainable at the launch time?
So that would be 3:00 AM EST, Tuesday morning ? "12:00" is vague when it comes to which day it belongs to.

1. All the people whe straight up do not understand how timezones work
2. all the people who are angry at Blizzard because they cannot keep everyone happy because of point 1 and are taking it personally as if blizzard is directing the game start time at them.
3. all the people factoring in every second from when the game starts as if they are actually going to get world or server first anything. i.e especially the ones doing practice runs now for daliy hand ins...........ROFLMAO
4. All the people asking if they have to log out of the character creation screen of if it will load automatically. What are you going to be doing just sitting at the screen staring at it and have some kind of count down.

Seriously some of the complaints in here are beyond ludacris but keep it up it is funny to watch people get all uptight about such trivial things.
"make the intro quest magically pop up in your quest log"

So - what if I have a full quest log? Can I still just go to org and have it pop up like it was on beta, or are you testing some new system on launch that will bug out because my log is full and I won't be able to go to Pandaria?
So this means theres nothing to install? Even for those for are buying the actual hard copies and not the download version?

1. All the people whe straight up do not understand how timezones work
2. all the people who are angry at Blizzard because they cannot keep everyone happy because of point 1 and are taking it personally as if blizzard is directing the game start time at them.

I don't recall any posters who seem to misunderstand how time zones work - perhaps you can quote one.

Releasing the game in NA in Eastern Time Zone would pretty much make everyone happy - East Coast gets to play at midnight - Pacific gets to play at 9...who is disadvantaged?

I'm pretty sure that's how every other MMO has released recently. It's just dumb to base a release time on the latest time zone in a region.
09/18/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Eatmopié
Will I be able to sit on the character creation screen and see pandaren/monk become available or will that require a log out/in?
I would also really like to know this??? please stop back in for a follow up blue :D

WTB confirmation! :)
I would think it would require a relog, But maybe they will implement a "Timer" on the Character Creation screen, having the monk shown there, but the "Create" option grayed out till MoP goes live.
I don't care about realm firsts. I really REALLY miss the launch parties me and my friends USED to have. Gamestop is now a ghost town on launch nights. There's no reason to get together, have a few beers/pizzas and wait excitedly to pile into the car to go grab our spiffy new boxes. Now it's just....eh...whatever, guess I'll play it when I wake up. Without my friends as they're at work/school. The launches just have no excitement anymore if you're on the east coast and that's a shame.
So east coast gets screwed again.

Thanks, Blizzard. Thanks a whole lot once AGAIN.
About 47% of the American population and about 62% of Canadian population live in the Eastern Time Zone. :(
To add to what others have said, this 3am time on the east coast is pretty damn crappy. Maybe Blizzard is bank on people wanting something so bad after Cataclysm that they think people will take the day off but that's not going to happen. Pretty weak to have people expecting to walk out of a store at midnight EST and be playing within 30min just to find out that they shouldn't bother.

No doubt some people will be sitting up till 3am but a vast majority will say screw that and go to bed knowing they have to be up at 6-7am to get to work. And let's not forget at 3am when they turn the servers on, there could be issues.

Seriuosly...start calling Wal-mart, Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy and whoever and tell them to put it on the shelf at midnight EST, 11pm CST, 10pm MST and 9pm PST. Far better to do it earlier PST in case something goes south and you have techs still awake to do something.
I wouldn't mind if they occasionally swapped east coast and west coast times to give people a fair chance but a release at midnight eastern hasn't happened in years. It's always been west coast time as long as I can remember.
3AM. Dang.

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