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So, when is the pre-download that will let you play immediately after MoP launches, for people who have digitally pre-purchased? Or did that happen already.
Waiting till 3am Eastern to play. Oh yay. I was there for Pre-BC launch and Wrath launch. Missed Cata launch, and knowing they pulled this same sh** makes me glad I missed it.

Find it funny we don't get a reply with an explanation.
You play the game online. Why not buy the game online from Blizz? Then it can be all downloaded and ready to go at 3am and you don't need to go anywhere at midnight. You can go to bed at 9pm instead and get up at 3am and play.


The game will be in my hand(in therory) just after midnight EST. I then go home and install it. 15 or so mins later. So it's now 12:30am at the latest. The game is ready to go and I have to wait till 3am when on the west coast, they decide to hit the switch and turn on the MoP servers.
Further LOL @'s

1. All the people who think blizz care if they cannot play for the first minute of the launch.

I guarentee that blizz are catering for the millions of subscribers that will probably not get up at 3am and wait untill regular waking hours to install and first play the game.

it is exactly the same as with things like iphones

Do you think apple really give a damn about that guy that lines up a week early for the new iphone.

no they care about the millions of regular people who do not care about start times or realease dates and will play the game no mater what time it starts untill the next expac comes out.
Really irritated about the misconception with release time.

When I bought the digital game it very clearly told me 12 est time. I was personally extremely excited about this, as thats 11 for me.

This ninja change 1 week out is very ridiculous. You've probably screwed with a ton of peoples plans as far as work and taking days off and stuff have gone.

GG blizzard, seriously annoyed.
I am so damn excited for this expansion pack. More than I have been for the previous ones. Actually, I was pretty excited about making a draenei and blood elf. But seriously, the anticipation is killing me.
2 am central... balls... glad I don't work mornings :D
I pity the fool!
seriously id like to see a comment on why this decision was made? did people complain in the past that they could play at 9 and not midnight in pst realms? or, whats even the real point to base it on the furthest away timezone? all moving it to be based on est would do is make far more people happier than unhappy. except the folks who get mad over everything. id really like to know why this was done. and if there is a good answer im willing to say huh ok i get that. but i have yet to hear any suggestions that are good in that way
North and Latin American realms - 12:00 a.m. PDT, September 25

that works out to be 7pm on 25/9/12 in new zealand FYI

also someone mentioned to me that the servers wont be going down like they normally do that day, can anyone confirm this?
You were not seeing things. They did have it in writing under the game management in your account. But just changed this. It did say that we were going to be able to play at midnight EDT! I was planning on this but I guess will have to change my plans as well. Will sleep till midnight then get up and play........

I hate waiting lol
09/18/2012 11:16 AMPosted by Tinkee
I don't know why people are even complaining about 3 am est launch time, it's been like that for every expansion, or blizzard release haha. Gives me more time to sleep ;)

This. I expected to go to sleep early and wake up with a pot of coffee for 3am.

We have a winner!
Doing the same here. I get the feeling I'll be subsisting on coffee and red bull for the first few days at work after launch day.
Want to stare at a fullscreen countdown?



Both link to the site timeanddate.com and the preview urls are below if you don't trust the above. The preview urls go to tinyurl.com first and show you the full link.


I just don't know why countries just don't make wow's launch days national holidays. Seems like boat loads of people have already put in their vacation/sick day planning to work. I know I have ;)
So, does this mean we've already got everything downloaded already? or is there another download / install for Digital / Boxed copies?
3AM for me, Great..........
I have already got the sleeping pills to go to bed right after I come back from work. I have also told my wife to feed (shove?) food up my throat while I am sleeping to save time.

Will try to get up around 1 am (central sucks, I know) just to make sure everything is in working order, just to avoid any last minute panic attacks followed by diarrhea.

Drinking less fluid will be priority as I cant think about going to bathroom or may be I will buy a bucket and will just releive myself under the computer desk.

Already taken Tuesday off, will play at work on Wednesday.


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