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Hell I'm on the East Coast and my bigger complaint is more about the fact I'm buying the Boxed CE for MoP and cant play until I get the damn thing. Why cant we get sent a code to activate if only temporarily for MoP? Even release day shipping for some people could mean late in the afternoon. (I'm at work so I SHOULD get it earlier, but who knows.)
If they made it 9pm/12am you would all just complain that the other coast got it 3 hours early. Just go to bed and play in the morning. :P

It's not blizzard's fault time zones exist. A midnight release for them can't be a midnight release for everyone. Get over it and be happy about new content!
F you blizz since you just love to say it to the midwest/east coast players. We had to wait till 3 A.M. for D3 to even be "released" and didn't even get to play till 5 A.M because of the error 37. Stop being so biased to the west coast just because your headquarters is there. How hard is it to make it available in each region when it's midnight there?
Ugh, come on.

Why don't they just release it at midnight Eastern time. That solves all problems. Yea sure it's only 9pm Pacific, but it's the 25th on the East Coast so everyone's happy.

What is your problem? Go to sleep and wake up at 3am or 5am or whatever. East Coast has it just as good, if not better for the first day of gaming.


There's these things called "jobs" some people have. So instead of getting to play at midnight for a few hours then going to bed, we have to wait till the end of work the next day! We got it so much better~
Although I am very much looking forward to playing MoP when it comes out next week, I cannot deny a bit of frustration at the timing of this announcement. Initially, I was planning to continue my tradition of going to a release night party and picking up my physical copy...however when I saw a screenshot from a battle.net page (added below) showing the release as Midnight EDT, I opted to go for the digital download purchase option instead.

Now it would appear to be too late for me to reserve a physical copy and cancel my digital download...perhaps it's small to you, but it feels a bit like a lie to get extra purchases of the digital download edition to me.

Aforementioned screenshot: http://imgur.com/mv68m
blizzard is based in Cali..... why should you expect an east coast launch time preference? of course it will be PDT! get over it get used to it and move on. if you are so hard core you strive for tha server first chievo then you had plenty of time to schedule time off from work and can plan your sleep schedule accordingly. sounds like a few eastcoasters are smart enough to have planned for that already. cheers to you! GL HF!
besides if they release it at multiple intervals for a said region then eastcoast players get all the worldfirst chievos because they start 3 hours early. not everyone plays in their timezone servers.
blizzard is based in Cali..... why should you expect an east coast launch time preference? of course it will be PDT! get over it get used to it and move on.!

It's not about being the first...as you can see from my screenshot above, Blizz specifically mentioned on one of their pages EDT. So as much as people before might have been wanting it EDT to play sooner, this is a case where Blizz actually listed it that way. Are we supposed to ignore the receipts and descriptions on Battle.Net just due to their location and previous release times?
LOL at folks thinking they'll get to play on Tuesday. Were you not here when Diablo III launched a few months ago? It has just been demonstrated to us that Blizzard's servers cannot handle loads like the start a major expansion, and if the interminable Theramore queues are any indication, Blizz has done absolutely NOTHING to address this. Sleep, go to work or go to school Tuesday, because your chances of actually logging in and getting to do anything are slim.
That's 3 AM for me. Not sure if I'll try to stay up for the release, or just get up early and have the whole day to it (I've made sure to have Tues free, and Wed free as well in case things do not go smoothly Tues). Regardless, I am SO excited!
Will there be a single quest popped into my quest log or more than one? (How much quest space do I need to reserve for the opening of MoP)
I think the 1200 west coast time does put the east coast family at a major disadvantage. The maintenance should start at 1200 west coast time..
QQQQ - My whining is complete!
SO 2 a.m Central...Well, maybe I'll be able to stay up. Gotta have that Monk ASAP!!!

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