[A.10] Not Life Safe - Modest Raiding BAs 4/6

<Not Life Safe> is a particularly awesome 10 man raiding guild with a majority of the players PST based- meaning late night raiders may find our times delicious.

Not Life Safe went inactive during Firelands and is coming back to beat up some digital dragons on a turtle's back for Mists.

We are literally cool people, with low morals, twisted humor and a fantastic bacon ball recipe who like to hit buttons at the correct time and do not enjoy standing in fire.

We push content, kill bosses and doesn't afraid of anything. Semi-competitive raiding guild who get the job done because it's something we all want to do, well.

Tuesday : 9:16pm-12:43am Server Time
Thursday : 9:16pm-12:43am Server Time

We totally got that Darkmoon Bunny to 92%. Real Talk.


Competent Raiders.

Any applicant may inquire but preferred class/role(s);

Healers :
Lust filled Shaman of peace. (S&M enthusiast please)

Ranged DPS :
Bestiality loving Hunter. (Murder of Crows required, obviously)
Weird introverted Priest. (Enjoys never beating Greil on DPs... but tries, oh do you try)
LazerChiken, period.

Melee DPS :
Sneaky buggah, it's Rogue, not Rouge. (Quiet, kill your whole family kinda guy. Likes model trains)

Tanks :
Seriously overcompensating Warrior. (Shouts out vulgarities and rages, enjoys getting hurt)
That time of the month Death Knight. (Preferably a brah. We 'mirin, join us! Ok? Please respond.

If you are awesome in any other way that I may be miscalulating, let me know.

We are also looking for a female raider, who can withstand the estrogenic rage of our main tank, and knows how to play her class.
(Note: If you are impressed by mage damage reports, that would be a plus)

Players with an interest in self improvement
Players who know when to hit their buttons
Players with a desire for progression raiding, and what comes with it
Players who can optimize their play tailored to encounters
Players that can communicate effectively, sexy accents are encouraged.. but should not be forced or fake

I'm done with applications. I have found them to be silly and time consuming.

Send me (Audiit) a tell expressing your interest, or in-game mail if you can't catch me online. With the expansion so close/fresh if you're interested you're in. We can always clear the trash out later. Live. Laugh. Love.

tl;dr - Whisper Audiit - answer questions, don't be non-smart, raid with us.

As a thank you for reading this far. Please enjoy this video of Dwayne Johnson singing songs, melting hearts.



For your time, please enjoy this video of Gordon Ramsay teaching us, How To Treat A Lady.


For your time, please enjoy this video of a couple of party animals doing their rendition of, Crazy Frog.


For your time, please enjoy this video of a very typical, Tokyo Breakfast.


For your time, please enjoy this video of an old man doing what an old man likes to do. #yolo

Hey! Listen!
Come on.

Hunter Please.
Tank Please.
Shaman or Priest Healer Please.
Stop being so...Alliance, I wanna wrap you in a blanket of my sexual healing.
I am in dire need of a good healing.

Yo Hunters. Holla' at ya boi.
I've seen a lot of players looking for late night raiding guilds. If there's space in your title you might want to include it. :) Also this guild looks fun!
Your picture is scary. :3
Do you guys need a Hpally?

Looking for a tank to protect me... I tend to get the attention of the baddies too frequently.

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