I have created this thread for those who love to listen great music while PVP. Everyone feel free to list 1 or 2 of your favorite songs that get you PUMPED UP while you work on battle master!

Here are my top 3

anything from Blue Stahli is pure eargasimastic
heres few i recommend

and these made it into my list aswell

The quintessential pvp farming song:

If you disagree than you are objectively wrong!
Here's mine Too much this song.

But for real:

When I used to PvP on my rogue, all I would listen to is Korobeiniki, over and over and over and over.


I don't pvp farm, but this is what I would be jamming to.
"Be a man"- Mulan
Anything from Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, or Demi Lovato works for me.

You can thank me later.
back in my day the radio had 2 channles on and off

but any ways country all the way
Here's mine

Enter Shikari!<3
[quote="65715991265"]i saw them last summer in australia, i was not disappointed at all :3

Saw them in the US one of the best bands i've seen in concert.
Iron Maiden
Amon Amarth
Black Sabbath
Lamb Of God
Judas Priest

The ether playlist
Mozart, Bach, Wagner, and, if I'm feeling frisky, Rammstein.

I listen to lots of Ween.

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