How many Deathknights are there?

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I have read all the books and earned the loremaster title. And after all this I have wondered, how many Deathknights are there in the lore? They aren't mentioned at all in the more recent novels. The only novel I can remember a Deathknight in is "Arthas". Are they just so few in number that they aren't a real force in the Alliance and Horde's war? I hope a Blizzard employee see's this because myself and my friends are very interested.
I'm too old. Ask Mr. Owl.

Mr. Owl: let's find out. One...two....thrrrree. Three Deathknights.
Arthas raised an army of Death Knights for the assault on Lights Hope and again after to replenish his forces.
The way I see it if we can play them, there must be alot of them. If it's an exact number you're looking for, your guess would be as good as mine.
More than one. ^ also that's the meaning of life!
As many as there are players for wow!
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More than one. ^ also that's the meaning of life!


The meaning of life is "I'm Batman."

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