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He's still alive... in our hearts.

He's technically in a different dimension... the afterlife.

He could come back later... as a ghost in a quest to talk to him.

We'll see him again... in a CoT dungeon.
The Ethereals managed to survive getting blasted with lots of arcane energy.

Sort of.

From wowpedia:

K'aresh was an arid planet, home to a thriving ecosystem and several sentient species before the arrival of Dimensius the All-Devouring. How the void lord found K'aresh is still hotly debated among the surviving ethereals, but the effects of his coming were unmistakable: he opened countless gateways into the void and the Twisting Nether around the planet, bathing K'aresh in arcane and dark energies. Using every scrap of its advanced technology, one of the mortal races hastily attempted to construct magical barriers around its cities, but it was only partially successful; although the dark energies were blocked, the unimpeded flood of arcane energy tore away the mortals' corporeal shells and infused their souls with enough energy so that they could subsist without a body… barely. Members of this race, now called ethereals, took to binding themselves with enchanted strips of cloth to provide their souls with enough structure to survive.

Maybe we'll find out what happened next expansion.
09/20/2012 11:23 AMPosted by Kyoho
Maybe we'll find out what happened next expansion.
Or maybe he's just dead.
I'm pretty sure being blasted into purple powder qualifies as death

Someone's wonderful interpretation.

I disagree. If Blizzard is sticking to their characterization of Garrosh, showing that he is brutal, but hesitant to kill innocents , it would completely alter the context of the event.

I'm beginning to believe that Garrosh specifically wanted Theramore to know that he was coming for two reasons: so the civilians had enough time to escape and to lure more Alliance officers and personnel to Theramore.

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