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Just started having issues with items not being able to list on the AH nor can I buy items off the AH, while I was listing my last item on the AH it said process was interrupted so I refreshed but it did not correct the issue so I decided to log off close Firefox and re-log into the website, still nothing, also found that I could not purchase an item off the AH either just wondering if this is a fluke or if the website AH is experiencing issues recently.
I can no longer Sell, purchase, or bid on anything on the remote AH, what is the deal? It just keeps telling me the process was interrupted try again, but still will not let me list an item, but the Bid/Buy option says nothing, just will not let me bid/purchase
What do you mean the process was interrupted. Go into more detail.
I've had the same problem except instead of it saying "the process was interrupted" is says "You Must Log-In" which I have done but with no effect. I'd love to get this working again so any help would be awesome.

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