(10M) Guild Progression 9/9

Burning Legion
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h garalon down gud 2 be raiding again
Benevolent 1/6 MV
Heroic Feng and Garajal down.
Heroic Kings and Elegon down
oh, right. wind lord down
<Wasted Knights> downs Gara'jal the Spiritbender and the Four Kings, both on 10man normal.
h amber shaper
Eon completed the Grand Empress encounter, along with Protectors on the Endless on elite mode as of 12/10/2012.
Heroic Will down.

Edit: Heroic Blade Lord down as well.
vizier down, THX NEW DISC PRIEST<3
heroic empress down
Eon got Tsulong and Lei Shi a week or two back- still chugging on Sha.
heroic protectors down
heroic lei shi down
Heroic Zorlok down
Sorry for slow update, kind of forgot during holidays. Grats to everyone on their progression thus far.

Heroic Amber-Shaper down.
Bad JuJu 10m normal
MSV: Stone Guard, Feng, Gara'jal, Spirit kings down
HoF: Vizier down
Feng n' Gara down.
heroic tsulong
oh god its time for sha

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