(10M) Guild Progression 9/9

Burning Legion
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Elegon successfully booped
Bad JuJu Elegon normal down
Heroic Garalon down
@Dathomir, your guild's name is too long so I put it as DM&TB
Heroic windlord down
h empress down
<Wasted Knights> kills Imperial Vizier Zor'lok on 10man, normal mode.
Hasn't been updated in a while but Revelations is now 6/6 MSV normal and 2/6 HoF. (Vizier and Blade Lord)
Will and blade lord 10N down
Heroic MSV cleared
<Wasted Knights> kills Blade Lord Ta'yak on 10man, normal.
Heroic Blade Lord and Garalon dead.
h sha
if you didnt see the spam~
Grats to you guys.
h protectors and h lei shi
h windlord and h imperial viz dead

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