Experienced responsible warlock LF home @ Mop

I have been raiding since vanilla, 40 men MC to Lich king.
Due to RL stuff, i quit @ cata but decided to rock again in Mop.
I played affli and demo as MS for a few years and i am good at it.

My time allows me to raid from 9pm PST till late.
I am looking for a guild that raids around that time, willing to transfer.
I am willing to make 95% attendance, not just for loot because loots life cycle is short, they are updated every patch.
I am here to progress and enjoy the game, wiping in raids, crying in vent.

What I look for a guild is you don't have to be top 20 or 50.
A good guild environment without drama is a MUST because, you know, drama destroy guild faster than lightning speed and i am sick of it.

If u guys need a experienced and responsible warlock please contact me in-game or post it here. Willing to post an app or vent interview.
Looking for a new home before Mop and going to hit 90 within the first week.

battle tag : KRIS1874#1924
If you could start earlier we would have a spot for you. We raid 7:30-11:30 EST. More info in our post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6606362123

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