What happened to this class....? PvP

At 60 elemental was excellent.

"NERF SHAMAN" was one of the most popular forum phrases. Because they were actually good.

It was a simple class that hit hard and healed well.

Just one of the things that is pretty upsetting to me - Earth shock - has been nerfed to the ground imo. It used to interrupt spell casting for 2 seconds or so.. then it slowed spell casting by 30% (this was disappointing even).. now it reduces physical damage dealt by 10%? LOL.. what a JOKE.

yeah we have windshear but it's not as good. Only interrupts.. no damage.. longer cooldown. Not as simple.

We used to hit like a truck! I don't have the best gear now (far from) but it's enough to test out spells. I feel like my lightning bolt is more like a dot that I have to cast continuously it's so pathetic.. Also, we just have to wait for that lava burst proc which deals a disappointing amount of damage.

Elemental mastery used to be 100% crit.. which when our spells hit hard.. It was a big deal. That's how shamans worked.. slow(ish) stand still casters but when they hit you (with a crit especially) it was over.

Instead of spells that hit huge we now just have a whole bunch of spells flying and hitting for nothing. It's just stupid.

To those that say balanced at 90.. not from the videos I've seen. Still looks lame. This class needs a lot of work. Especially when we've got other classes zooming around the map / manipulating players (blink, charge, disengage, shadowstep, deathgrip, paladin speed & immunity) and theres the clunky shaman just taking a beating. waiting for that pathetic cooldown to cast while we move to hope we stay alive.

There is so much more that needs to be touched on but I just wanted to post this just to state that as someone who played the class when it was good.. it has turned into possibly one of the worst classes.. unless you want to stick to healing...

QQ? Nah. I don't care that much because I don't play as much now.. but I have to say it's disappointing seeing the class as it is now and knowing in the back of my mind what it used to be capable of.. It was simple design that worked. That was the beauty of the class.
At 60 we were actually pretty bad (enhance) unless the stars aligned with Frostshock + WF
09/19/2012 11:28 PMPosted by Dioxy
At 60 we were actually pretty bad (enhance) unless the stars aligned with Frostshock + WF

Ya it was windfury luck for enhancement but I wouldn't say it was bad. Just a little too rng. Sorta like how they're heading with Ele atm. I've changed the post to focus more on my elemental experience. Thanks for your feedback though!
yeah we have windshear but it's not as good. Only interrupts.. no damage.. another global.
Not quite right.
Ele shaman are garbage period. OP is correct! We hurl spells all around the place and we do no damage. Currently the lowest dps I have seen in raids. Hell even some tanks can beat an ilvl 400 ele shaman on heroic DS encounters.

Level 90 and our new talents and spells will change it? I tell you not! Been on beta and ele shaman still suck !@# even with ascendance and lvl 90 talents.

Wont touch pvp as you all know the facts for yourselves.

I really don't understand why this has to be. I thought blizz said they wanted dps specs to be kinda close to each other.

Simcraft is not the best gauge but it's a start. Elemental shaman are 30K dps behind locks and mages. Holy cow even if the sim is all screwed up its 30% dps difference.

Oh well thank god I have my rogue, aff lock, and mage.
09/20/2012 10:36 AMPosted by Aghator
Not quite right.

Simcraft is not the best gauge but it's a start. Elemental shaman are 30K dps behind locks and mages. Holy cow even if the sim is all screwed up its 30% dps difference.

Patchwork is not going to really be reflective of any fight in MoP from the looks of it. Something that might be a little more representative are the following sims of fights where 20% & 40% of the fights respectively are spent in motion.


Not to say that anything that simcraft comes out with is going to be perfect by any means, but I'd imagine that the two above links are going to be more representative of what happens in the real world than the patchwork sims that're up on the simcraft site.

Edit: @ the OP - MoP Elemental's goin to be like Cata Demonology Warlocks. With all of your CDs up the burst would make Cata Arcane Mages jealous, but it attaches one of the most visible kick me signs in the game to you and has some pretty easy counterplay.

At lower ratings & random bgs Elem will be fairly pubstompy, in higher rating 2s/3s arena we'll be shut down with fairly relative ease. In 5s & RBGs it's possible that a good team can protect us/enable us well enough to help us unlock that burst potential, but it seems like it'd be a little gimmicky & overall not worth it.

Elem CAN work, just not nearly as well as other casters. We need something to provide a powerful reason for people to switch off of us that we can use on our own & a minor sustained #s tweak. At that point we should be well enough off.
OP's post is very true..
Unfortunately they have made us less "bursty" and gave us more sustained damage, which I hate.. Our burst was what made us unique.
Lava burst damage is a joke now.
Even if I died fast, I loved it.
Gistwiki, you must really get tired of trying to show people how the spec isn't awful.

I feel like when someone goes to create a post, they should initially be redirected to one of your posts so that maybe.... just maybe... they wouldn't create it.
I miss when we were good for pvp... they turned us into something so the community wont yell at blizzard, except us shamans...

I wish i could be viable as an elemental in 2's for arena and wont have to write War and Peace (Tolstoy) to just dps. Why cant I get a book say from ugg the caveman that says, press 1, repeat, done... totems are too kludgey and make shamans VERY difficult to get any decent throughput (look at arena rankings from cata)..

I'll be foregoing PvP in MoP on this tune, my main... If i like monks I might make it my new main. they are the anti-melee class kinda like Enhance crossed with a warrior.
Yes. Shaman are "bad" because blizzard is too afraid of their playerbase getting angry that a class within their game performs well.

Because everyone is in love with mages. When they die inside of a deep freeze, they calmly exhale and whisper "you beautiful wielder of the arcane and elements, teach me your secrets whilst you kill me in a CC chain."

I swear to God, logic should be a stat on gear so people can !@#$ing up theirs.
Our damage may have been nerfed, but look at everything else we gained. A purge to remove TWO buffs. Echo of the Elements. Mastery proccing much more often. Offheals actually useful as elemental. Much more defensive abilities. I've been surviving alot more with the new changes, and when used properly, still able to dish out the nuking power as before.
IDK, at first I thought it was the end of the Shaman and there still can be improvements, but I just don't believe Enhancement Shaman PvP is dead or ever was. I had to change my play style to be both a defensive and offensive player as oppose to just an offensive player before. It's doable, it just takes some rethinking.

My latest video "Kayumi - B4 Panda" highlights what I've been able to learn so far. In my next video, hopefully I will have this new play style down and under control.

(Battleground/World PvP)
Kayumi - B4 Panda PvP - http://youtu.be/cTXcioUlw6o?hd=1

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