Cryce Looking for 25/10m guild Holy/Ret

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Holy / ret exp Seccond account since first was hacked. currently 2/6 in MSV Looking for a good raiding guild on Khaz'Goroth Played MoP Beta Learnt the fights and Will be prepared to raid anyday of the week. Am currently 474 ilvl holy 468 ret. Hit me up in game or on this fourm if interested.
Dedicated for Server change also.
and faction

Hey Cryce.

Prometheus is an 8/8H guild located on Khaz'goroth looking to hit up MoP content hard.
We need an experienced Prot paladin with DPS OS to tank for our team.

Raid times:

Mon/Wed/Thurs 7-9.30 PM (AEST)

We will be using a modified DKP system for loot, and we use mumble to quickly and easily communicate with the raid.

For more info please either add Jordyn#1426 or to real id, or just message caleias/calsdruid in game :)
Hey there Cryce,

[A] Connection of Dath'Remar are seeking dedicated players to join our core raid team. Our goal is to recruit players that want to join a small and friendly community while maintaining solid progression. We are a mix of players that have come from other guilds and have decided to do our own thing in MoP. I noticed you are already on Dath'Remar :) We're Alliance.

Looking for a Tank to be apart of our core team.

Our schedule is quite flexible at the moment but we are looking at; Thurs/Sun/Mon 8:30-11:00PM (Server) if that interests you. I can be contacted directly in-game, via our recruitment thread or via BattleTag: Belacv#6196.

Happy Hunting and good luck :)
<Frostwolves> of Dath'Remar is an established raiding guild looking to add a few more players to our roster. We've been raiding steadily since MC/ZG, currently set up for 2 10m teams, having cleared 8/8H DS. We are seeking mature, reliable and competent players who enjoy raiding.

Due to two of our core players not returning to the game after a hiatus we are now seeking 2 tanks.

We raid 8:30-11pm GMT+10 on Wednesday + Thursday, plus either Sunday or Monday depending on the groups requirements.

Above all else we look for players who know how to play their class & how to learn boss fights.

If interested contact me in game (Fueghan#1472) or head to our website -

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