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I apologize if this is the wrong forum / category for this post, I just had to ask this question and 'general discussion' was a safe bet for this.

I made a DK before and found it necessary to finish all the quests in the starting zone upto the point you are sent to Orgrimmar (my toon is horde).

Doing this rewarded you talent points before and the mount among others.

Is this still necessary now? If yes, kindly mention what i gain by questing upto the end as there are no more talent points (unless the 1st 3 talents which is every 15 levels will only be unlocked by questing). Otherwise, just please say no need.

I appreciate your assistance and good day to all!
I think you still get some talent points..but dont quote me...I have a troll on the starting line at ebon hold and I really need to get her going

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