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10/10/2012 06:40 PMPosted by Hokujin
Skill level is moot, cool level is required.

It's true. We can help you improve your skills, but we can't make you cool.
The Venture Association is still recruiting! While we ARE an RP guild, we also do a lot of PvE content - sometimes in character, sometimes not! Guild runs, scenarios, general adventuring, you name it. We would especially like to increase our numbers and work on Challenge Mode dungeons and (at least) Reg Raids.

While we're mainly looking for Mains, if you have very active alts they can also be considered. <3

Currently: After having come to Pandaria, settled in somewhat, and worked on conquering our various emotions (and thus, conquering the Sha), the Ventures have a period of relative peace and quiet... but that doesn't last long! The Horde is knocking hard on Pandaria's door, and the Alliance, especially the king, are putting all their effort into pushing the Horde back. With the Ventures being neutral to both factions this puts them in an interesting and pretty uncomfortable situation, especially given recent events and their general agreement that Garrosh is out of line. What will happen next...?
Bumps! Still looking for more RP friends!
These guys are a pretty awesome bunch. (And they throw great parties)
Very interested, will be contacting in-game!
Come check us out, guys <3 We don't bite!

If you need help leveling, if you want to join a tight-knit group and feel like part of a family, if you want to take part in epic adventures and ridiculous stories - if you think you're READY... then join us! :D
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