Five D/C's within the last 30 minutes

trying to raid FL blizz....xrealm is worthless if you can't keep our server up....
Yep. Constant disconnects for me as well.
I think I have the solution, guys. If you don't play, you won't disconnect. The logic is flawless.
Tried calling Blizz support but of course queue was full. Opened a ticket... Average wait time is 2 days...

When I first started playing this game in 4.2 Customer service was so much beeter then this.
Server restart soon! Maybe this will fix us? *crosses fingers*
Guies. Blizzard never listens to me either. I try and tell them all the time but they just never listen. All them DC's in this one hour period has ruined the entire game for me. I'm through with it. The year only has 365 days in it. HOW F'ING HARD CAN IT BE TO NOT F UP ONE DAY!? You guys in blizzard. At blizzard. Are baddies. Me and these guys on the forums know everything. We are always right. GW2 is only a click away too.
Ummm, yeah, Justicator... you obviously speak for all of us. Justicator for president?

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