Area 52
Theres some shennanigans going on here though i can only specualte as to what they are.

In a twin peaks with 4 other friends disconnected with a 2-0 lead.

Friend queues for tp again and gets a random. some drop before the realize its wsg. Some go in. The awesomeness of the group put us up 1-0 in a few short minutes before we are again disconnected. I take a break.

Get on my warlock summon a burrito bowl from chipoltes... ok i wish i could but seriously cant so i drove instead.

Log back on 30 minutes later. All my friends have dissipated so i queue for a twin peaks and get in and cast a soulwell, get me a healthstone >>get disconnected.

I have a few theories as to what's going on. The first is that robin williams visited the blizz headquarters and some of his arm hair went rogue and infected a major peice of hardware that controls area 52.

The second is the guy overlooking the servers ate long johns silver for dinner requesting only extra tartar sauce as a condiment, loaded his fish up and had a gas bubble of magnificent proportion that resembled his spleen bursting, a charlie horse and frostbite at the same time causing him to jerk out of his chair in a sudden ferocious movement and while doing so kick the case that controls our server over.... 4 or 5 times in a row.

The last thought is that maybe a52 has too much awesome to stay online. We are at our peak of utter awesometivity and blizz being the clever individuals they are have set out without malice but clear intent to make a profit decided it best to keep us offline till they can come up with a way to bottle our awesome and sell it to other servers.

I know one of these is why this keeps happening. I JUST DO> anyhow please. with the shennanigans explain or fix and ty
Shennagains indeed
People are saying some *** made a program that crashes the server for a sec and released it to the public.

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