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I have created this thread for those who love to listen great music while PVP. Everyone feel free to list 1 or 2 of your favorite songs that get you PUMPED UP while you work on battle master!
Here are my top 3
Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner (
Final Countdown - Europe (
Emerald Sword - Rhapsody of Fire

Destined for Glory - Hammerfall

Unbreakable - Primal Fear
Pendulum's faster moving stuff.
Mass Effect 2&3 music.

Also the 'Call of the Crusade' arena music from the ToC patch in WotLK.
I'd just like to say that your name is very AWESOME for a pvper in a non-rp realm. Your enemies should better watch out, or they're mayo in no time.

I wish I was kidding.
This remix of the Stage Selection theme from Megaman 3. SOGEWD.

Also, Contra played by two awesome guitarists.

Takes whipping your hair back and forth to the NEXT LEVEL
Tim Besamusca - Sanctum (Thomas Datt Remix)

I'd use this song in the pvp video I'm making (in my miiiiiiind)
"Be a man"- Mulan

I've no idea why, but this is just great.
Eureka Seven - Draft My Funk

Eureka Seven - Get it by your Hands

U.N.K.L.E - Restless

REDLINE OST - Yellow Line

Those were the songs I listened to during my last BG.
I don't usually PvP with music, but when I do...

Folk Uke - Motherducker got Ducked up:

Globus - Europa (Instrumental):

Just about anything by Two Steps from Hell.

Just about anything by Queen.
Here's a few. I don't use youtube mostly because it's laggy when I'm pvping on my priest. (AV mix, for sure.) (Been trying to think of lyrics for this one....helps with pvp focus imho.) (Kinda reminds me of tinkertown, buzzed up on drugs or something.)

Last but not least. (MtEden is one of my favorites..)

My dream will never end.

I wish I was kidding.

I like that. Though I wouldn't have thought of it for PVP :p.

I don't listen to any myself while PVPing.

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