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Level 25 Alliance Guild

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-= Guild History =-

We formed 3/21/2008, and after these short few years we've have seen quite a few people come and go. We've missed many of our old raiders, but it opened us up to the new faces around the server. But when there were no faces to be had, we had to make some hard choices. That's when we decided that Thunderlord couldn't be home to us anymore, and transferred here, to Sargeras.

While our player base has changed over the years, the leadership has not. Boduh and I are still dedicated to making sure this guild is always a welcoming community to all of our core raiders, guild friends, and just the general player who needs a home.

Now coming over to Sargeras was a doubled edged sword. We did bring some of our old friends, but lost a few that decided to just call the quits to WoW all together. But, it has given us an opportunity that we haven't seen in a long while. Primarily ability to tap into the large and talented player base that is Sargeras.

We originally started as a 25 man guild, like all others at the time, farming SSC/TK/BT/Hyjal. Over the years though with the 10 man raid becoming relevant, we did bounce down to 10's a few times due to inactivity of our server. We always focused on 25s, and the ability to give as much people as we could a place to raid on a dying server, but couldn't always succeed on reaching the active player base to do so. In saying this, we are currently going to run a 10 man here on Sargeras until we feel comfortable enough to have a 25 man. If enough interest in 25s pushes our hand quickly though we'll do our best to reach that point.

-= Mission Statement || Raiding & Community Expectations =-

Raid example - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmHtHdonC5k

While not being a company, we are an organization that people do dedicate themselves to and I do feel that we are obligated to make sure we give back to them as much as we can. We are here to have fun, and to do so in a healthy manner. I'll be the first to say we aren't the most mature group of people. We love to kid around and have fun with each other. But we won't tolerate abusing members in any manner or harboring anybody that abuses the community as a whole. We abide by a "no tools" rule. Everyone has an ego, but keep it to yourself. Really, who likes to listen to you talk about how good you are, or how bad everyone else is.

We handle our raiding in a similar style. The main goal is to have fun, but being a raiding guild many peoples perception of fun is progressing, so we still stay progression minded. We won't pound out 6 night raid schedules, we won't scream at you for mistakes, and we won't abandon all self conduct just for downing a boss. Now, in that being said, we do take raiding seriously and aren't there to just !@#$ around. We believe in having fun while raiding, but still raiding. Excessive screwing around to the point of hindering a raid won't be tolerated. It might be fun for you and whoever else you may be doing it with, but not the the rest of the raid.

"...logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
-Mr. Spock

-= Non-Raiders =-

We do accept any people that need a home and want a community to chat and have fun with, be it levelers or PvPers. But, we are in the end a raiding guild, not a level or pvp guild. We do run PvP on off nights, and will probably pick up our RBG team again once a few of our friends transfer over here, but won't be concentrating on any of that primarily.


If you took your time to read this, and you seem interested in what we have to offer, please let me (Lostwolf) or Boduh know in game, or toss in an application on our website. Our recruitment status is posted below.
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Recruiting for 25s

Raid Times
Tues, Wed, Thurs.
7:00 - 11:00 PM CDT (SERVER TIME)
5:00 - 9:00 PM PDT
8:00 - 12:00 PM EDT

Currently Recruiting
Currently looking for [0]
Currently looking for [1]
  • Paladin
  • Shaman
    Currently looking for [0]
  • Lostwolf @RealID Lostwolf#1539
  • Boduh
  • Website

    Mogu'shan Vaults
    25 Man
  • 4/6 Normal
  • 0/6 Heroic
  • 10 man
  • 5/6 Normal
  • 0/6 Heroic
  • bump
    Bump just want few more people
    need tank and dps
    Looking for just a couple more people to level up and hit raiding hard with. Hit is up if you want to be part of this core group.
    last chance before launch, just need a range and melee
    need 1 caster dps 1 melee dps
    bump, 1 heals. priest, sham, or monk!
    bump for 25 man recruiting
    interesting me ^^. ill reforge hit-expt cap and gem/ench properly as soon i loot my sick boots i hae been farmed hardcore xD
    Bump it up only need few dps, need dk dps mage rogue feral dps

    and 1 tank prot pally dk tank or bear tank
    2/6 25s 5/6 10s, officially 25man now wanting a few dps and 1 tank
    He mant 4/6 25s. Sorry, he's a little slow. But, still looking for a couple dps and a tank for core raid spots!
    Did yall xfer from Tlord? i remember a guild by that name when i was on thunderlord and left there and now thinking of tryin to find a new home
    Ya, we had been on Thunderlord forever.
    Welcome to Sargeras, missed this thread

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