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Looking for an addon that tracks important raid cooldowns (barrier, tranq, hymns, spirit link, etc...), to assist with raid coordination. Would prefer one that shows both used cd's as well as available cd's.

I found a few addons with promise, like Raidboss, but none of them seem to have been updated for 5.0.

Traditionally, I've used dbm spelltimers, but that addon just seems to get too cluttered up with actual boss mechanic timers; in addition, it doesn't track what cooldowns are available, just which ones have been used.

any suggestions?
Someone took over Hermes updates so you can use that one:
Kinda scary to try it, seeing as how the release version was put up 6 hours ago, and zero downloads so far. But I might give it a go. Thanks for the information, Sedivy.

Going to try ora3 in the meantime, even though it does not seem to support showing available cooldowns. Does anyone know if ora3 requires the rest of the raid to have the addon installed as well?
oRA3 won't show available cooldowns no matter who has it installed.
The link I gave you is curseforge. Hardly anyone downloads directly from there as it's more of a developer's site. You can download it from curse too. But I don't know if it'll show number of downloads that early anyway.
granted ora3 won't show available cd's regardless who has it installed, but what about showing used cooldowns? Does anyone besides myself in the raid need to have it installed?
No they don't need it installed I don't think. oRA3 will note any CD that's popped from the combat log directly and start counting from there.
Hermes is in good working order. There is a minor bug with specific spell adjustments for classes that I'm working on figuring out, but other than that it is highly stable.

I would highly recommend you give it a try. Thank you for the promotion, Sedivy.

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