(25M) Guild Progression 7/19

Burning Legion
**Was a little surprised that there weren't any threads indicating the server's progression, and with the coming change to wowprogress, this is probably a good way to keep track of how everyone's doing. Please request sticky!**

Will update for those who achieve server firsts. Let me know who you are and I'll change the marks accordingly. Thanks!

Fun fact to remember: When you are updating your guild's info on your progress, you must list the bosses you downed. Not just say: "now 3/7". Thank you mucho!
- normal completed
= normal server first
+ heroic completed
* heroic server first
x incomplete

Throne of Thunder JR HD CE Tt Ma Jk DF P DA IQ TC LS
<A> Acheron 11/12 - - - - - - = = = = = x
<H> EoS 6/12 = = = = = = x x x x x x

Happy raiding!
Terrace of Endless Spring PotE Tl LS SoF
<A> Advent = = = =

Happy raiding!
Heart of Fear IVZ BLT Gl WLM ASU GES
<A> Advent = = = = = =

Happy raiding!
Mogu’Shan Vaults TSG FtA GtS TSK EG WotE
<A> Advent * * = = = =

Happy raiding!
Might as well just call this the Mad Reach and healerchat thread, because everyone else is long gone.
theres a lot of others around too!

bump for sticky!!
the 25m competition is going to be intense
Please request a sticky, guys!
Well first boss down in 25... but then crystal is bugged on 2nd fight over and over...
Eh, give some credit to Advent Bro :P
but yea....
It's gonna be lonely...
Update for downed Feng on Thursday
And then Garajal and Spirit Kings
Parles-tu français?
Elegon 25 down
Will down in 25 tonight

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