suggestion for devs?

is this the right place to make suggestions to improve the rogue class?
rogue is my favourite class. i love to pvp with it. or at least thats the way it was before mists of pandaria... now i dont really want to play wow anymore. the only thing that keeps it alive for me is the hope that blizz will ufnuck the class back to its former glory, and playstyle.
sub pvp was the perfect rogue imo. all specs in pvp shouldve been like that, but blizz instead removed the only good thing about rogue pvp (reminisce of hybrid mutilate/prep)... have blizzard learned nothing?

anyway on with the suggestion: some tier talents.
The idea here is to give something to work with Anticipation.

Remorseless [Passive]: Causes your damaging melee finishing moves to increase your chance to score a critical strike with your next damaging ability by 8% per combo point (40% at 5 points) for 8 seconds.
Ruthlessness [Active]: Reduces the energy cost of all of your finishing moves by 100% for 10 seconds. 2 minute cooldown. [Passive] Gives your damaging finishing moves a 60% chance to add a combo point to your target.
Cold Blood [Active]: When activated, instantly grants +25 energy and causes your next 2 damaging abilities to have a +50% chance to score a critical strike. 1 minute cooldown.

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