Crossrealm WPVP best feature hands down!

The GLORY DAYS of Ganking Lowbies in Lakeshire for long amount of hours IS BACK!

The Glory Days of Epic Halaa Battles are BACK!

And much more! This brilliant new feature is remarkable and I WONDER as I PONDER to Illidan..... how much of Alliance you have seen? A lot maybe? It is been ages and now perhaps you get to see more and even a lot of Alliance in the WPVP zones even though TB still fails here but that is a different story.
Why gank lowbies unless you suck at pvp. There are plenty of level 85 Alliance on Sargeras that would love for you to "Bring it" over to our shared CRZ's.
I DO SIR....but all I see is effin Bleeding Hollow

Lot of 85s in Blasted Lands and Halaa...none from Sargeras though mate...only Zul'Jin, Cho'Gall and Bleeding Hollow. I've been on Sargeras as Alliance before..I would LOVE to acquaint with them in a fashionable manner :d
Transfer back to Illidan, those pesky little buggers are all over now.
I shall and I finally got a real good comp and no more Windows Toshiba with fans all around my room haha!
Currently, Sargeras and Illidan servers are connected with the CRZ's. THere was a huge battle in The blasted Lands between Illidan Horde and Sargeras Alliance. A good back and forth as reinforcements filed in from both sides during the night. BZ, Horde.
Aww sick!! yeah haha 2 high end servers duking it out

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