Recruiting 1 more for 2600 RBGs

Getting a 2400-2700+RBG group together for Season 12.

At the moment we are in need of either...
-1 Mistweave Panda, 1 DK or 1 Mage


Everyone in group so far is 2600+ Led by a 2776 exp Leader!
2 Rank 1's
Everyone is at least glad in 1 season
Everyone has been Hero of the Alliance, Most of us 2+ Seasons.


Requirments ---
- Must be Level 90 with Full PvP Gear by 1st day of season. - it is possible to be at least 4 piece honor / 1 conquest / full blues the moment u log on
- Must be able to play for 4+ hours at a time!
- 2200 Arena and 2400 RBG's is our minimum requirment...we obviously want higher

Please send Mail to or Whisper Satisfaction on Kel'thuzad with your...( alt letter can be copyd from the name on ur left)
- Highest Experience
- Past Experience

If we are interested in you, we will mail / msg you back! k thx <3xoxoxo<3
bump still need spriest
You already know what comp you're running? Once I'm done leveling my Druid I'm leveling my Priest.
i plan on running 6 different comps this season. 3 of them on this dk in first few months to see whats better. 1 or 2 on my rogue and 1 on my hunter if i ever level them.

Every1 whos in my grp understands that if their class is un-needed there getting the !@#$ out the grp, even myself.
What up I've been playing shadow since BC and PvP has been my main game since. I'd like to think I have truly understood the workings of this class by now and really have pushed my understanding of the mechanics to its limits. I've played enough of warrior, mage, druid, paladin, and rogue by now to know the counters and enough bg's to fully explore my situational awareness to the point where I can see the whole mess of 11 classes rushing at me and being ready for all of them.
I think I'm pretty aggressive in my playstyle and can really stay focused and cool in any situation which any spriest needs to do to slip into the shadow.
My achievements don't speak for much but I've been in the 2400 atmosphere of rateds a number of times. I never took arenas seriously but things are gonna change this year. I may not be the best just yet but a few duels and you will never even see it coming.
So test me any way you know how I think I can help you.

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