(TNAO) Recruiting for core 10m for MoP!

TNAO is a newly reformed 10m raiding Guild.

MT- Blood DK (Open)
OT Prot War (Open)
Heals- Hpally (OPEN)
Heals- Rest Druid (Full)
Heals- Disc/Shadow Priest (Full)
DPS- Fire Mage(Open)
DPS- Afflic/Demo Lock (Full)
DPS- Spriest (Full)
DPS- Mut (Open)
DPS- Ele Shaman (OPEN)

Raid Times until MoP release will be 8-11 server Tues!
Raid TImes upon MoP release: 8-12 Server Tues, Weds, Thurs!!

If interested send me a Tell, thx.

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