raven lords!!

so, i started playing this game around karazahn's release, i think i first subbed on sep 28th or something like that, anyways, when i started, it was because a couple friends wanted to play it with me and thought id like it, they talked about all these cool classes and everything they could do, and i had a hard time deciding what to play first, i play everything now, but at the time i wanted to focus on a character and learn the game

i thought a warlock sounded cool, demons and shadow magics and being evil without being evil

a hunter? sweet, being a ranger of sorts with my best companion and partner in any fight being a pet ive tamed and trained

but then i saw the opening video for vanilla, and while i had thought the idea was cool before, i instantly knew i wanted to be a druid, i leveled as resto, in burning crusade, because i liked the idea of being a healer, and tree of life sounded amazing

when i hit 68, i stopped caring about anything because i had flight form, and it was so much fun to just fly around all day, until i found out about swift flight, and then i did everything i could to get the money and do the quests and finally get a group for my first ever anzu kill

since then, i have been farming him on and off, knowing about the mount, and wanting no other mount or pet or any other toy in the game as much, ive lost track of the kills, of which i know is over 350, ive lost track of how long its been...BUT I FINALLY HAVE MY RAVEN LORD AND EVEN BETTER, today is my birthday..... happy birthday to meXD *happy dance with shiney new bird mount*
My jealous rage prevents me from offering you anything.

Get out.
lol grats and happy birthday. Took me a while but I got my raven lord before they removed the druid requirement.
Kudo's!!! That's some dedication... I got the mount the first time I went there (for a Holiday event - can't remember which one.) I didn't even know it was a rare. And then misread what came up on Wowhead, and thought that he automatically dropped for every Druid that killed him.

Anyway, congratulations! I'm sure you'll treasure it immensely.

Congratulations! You deserve it! It took me quite a long time too :P
Congrats, though I still have yet to find anyone who has gone through what I did for mine. 653 Anzu Kills before I obtained the Raven Lord.
i actually rethought my math and missed 2 years (traumatic farming and depression can make you phase out things) so my kill count (also phased out of memory, too traumatic) is prolly a bit higheri HOPE its not that high thoXD
Grats, dont shoot but i uhhh got mine on my 6th try i think :D
grats & happy b-day.

Luckily, i got my Raven Lord on my first run. I had to do the Druid quest chain to get it tho.

edit: where are my achieve's!!!!
happy birthday..... and congrats on the mount... I don't actually have it, only fought the boss twice. once to get my fast flight,.... and the other was when I got my bone dino in arch, and I wanted to get a special mount for my sis, so we went and fought the guy and boom drops easily...... for her. again happy birthday and enjoy the mount it looks great ^ ^
Grats! My RL took less than 10 runs ;)

I also got the Archaeology scepter in 37 tol'vir solves
I was 372, consider yourself lucky that you don't have to carry your friends through it too.
wow 350 runs...I admire your dedication. Congrats!
Congratulations on acquiring him. He is a great mount.
Complete noob question, Im assuming u dont need to be a druid anymore? is it still a quest chain or just a drop?
Just a drop, he's automatically in the instance if it's set to Heroic. It has the same drop rate but he can be farmed every day now without a druid.
09/23/2012 12:07 PMPosted by Blackgenesis
Complete noob question, Im assuming u dont need to be a druid anymore? is it still a quest chain or just a drop?

If you remember how Sethekk Halls is laid out on Normal, Anzu (the Raven Lord) is in the last room before Talon Lord Ikiss. There isn't any other mobs in the room with him, unlike the 3 groups that are usually there on Normal.
Grats to you got mine maybe 16 runs or so and I thought that was torture haha ahhh... Don't hit me!!
the mount dropped on my first summon at 70 during quest(did not win roll of course) and then again 4-5 times before i finally just farmed it solo at 80, took like 3 months i think. of course once i had it, i summoned only for a couple friends, 1 guy got it 1st try, other got it 2nd try
Congrats Flea! That is definitely dedication; I don't think I could have gone much more than the 100 or so kills it took me.

Also, Furby...your avatar is going to give me nightmares.

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