Lightbringer Horde

I was thinking about transfering my character (horde) to this server because my friend is on it. I was wondering how is the horde on this server, what is the population like, and how friendly is the server? :)
The population is roughly 200 million Alliance to 1 Horde toon.

This is a very heavily Alliance dominated server.
It's ok, I'm here for you
Liim is here for you.
Server is pretty friendly but pretty low Horde pop : /
There's other Horde on this server?
To my knowledge Lightbringer is the highest Alliance to Horde pop server of... all server. Where as Area52 is the highest Horde to Alliance pop.

I seriously see maybe 1 or 2 Horde players a day here. So I assume the community knows each other rather well, but finding a broad selection of raiding guilds to choose from must suck. :)

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