<Shadows of Chaos> seeking Rdruid and mage

heya zul'jin! <shadows of chaos> needs to wrap up our MoP core, were curretly seeking one (1) resto druid and one (1) mage to join the fold, were a "newly" up and running guild, with over half of our current core being raiders since vinilla wow, our guild hasnt touched H DS due to the lateness of forming the guild and the issue of the core not yet being wraped up, guild info is as follow

Raid times will be tuesday and thurday, 7 to 11 server,
raid comp when finished will be
Tanks--druid and warrior
Healers, pally, druid, priest
DPS, warlock, warrior, mage, hunter, E shammy

we also use mumble as out voice chat of choice,

for any other questions message or ingame mail me on Doriste, ill be glad to answer any questions i might have missed


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