Last week Heroic Madness mount auction

Bleeding Hollow

Seeing as this is the last week to obtain the Life-Binder's Handmaiden before the drop rate goes to 0.1%, we have decided to hold a last-minute sale for the good folks of Bleeding Hollow. We will be holding an auction before our sales run this coming Thursday. If you are interested in the mount (we will also include any heroic weapons you want) make a post here or whisper either myself or Vaiur in game with a bid. The person with the highest bid at 8:00 EST on Thursday will be invited to raid and summoned when we reach the final boss.

The current bid for the Handmaiden is 100k

There is also a chance that the Smoldering Egg of Millagazor will be available for sale this week as well. The drop rate for this mount is also going to 0.1% in MoP. If you are interested in the hawk, please whisper us with your best offer in game.

The current bid for the Pureblood is 165k

The only requirements are that you trade the gold before we pull the boss and that obviously the entire sum is on Bleeding Hollow horde side.

Bidding on the Handmaiden begins at 100k.

Raid with these guys, they're awesome.
Hai Endryx.
09/17/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Vaiur
Hai Endryx.

<3 hai
Yeah... buy our stuff. It's good stuff!!
09/17/2012 08:56 PMPosted by Prokkor
Yeah... buy our stuff. It's good stuff!!

Very good stuff.
LF more bidders, especially for the Handmaiden.
Just a note, we're running thursday evening at 8pm EST (31 hours from this post). If you were on the edge about making a decision to bid, now's the time.

You can contact either me or Xiic ingame through either whisper or mail. My battletag is Vaiur#1338 if you want immediate conversation, I usually log in during the afternoons or early in the evening.

Thanks for reading.
bump for cool dudez
Bump, edited the current bid for the pureblood.
I will be closing bids at 5pm SERVER TIME (EST). The current bids at that time will be accounted for and buyers will be locked in.

bumpity bump
Todays the day! Aprox. 5 hours from this post bidding will end.
Edited the current firehawk bid.

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