With Open Arms: Arms PvP Guide 5.2 WIP

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Here how i work it...In pvp (if im going to be the focus of being attacked, hard to perdict but thats all you can do) i use fury stance, as getting attacked increased the rage i generate..thus the rage starvation when someone is attacking me is almost non existant.

Battle stance i use for PvE, sometimes for pvp depending on the situation..as you get rage generation for white (normal non special) attacks..probably the one i use the most.

Defensive stance is just that..when i get to around 30% and my second wind pops on, i immediatly hit my shield wall/defensive stance/1h & shield macro. And if i continue to get hit i will use rallying cry or one of my defensive banners.

The only problem is you dont want to just use defensive stance when your getting low, but when your gettin hit hard in general, its 25% damage reduction, which is more then what die by the sword gives. thats huge in pvp. you want to be sitting in battle when not focused and then swap to D when your getting hit hard.

Berserker stance is ok to do if your healing isnt having a problem keeping you up but D stance is better because less damage taken means less mana used. Honestly they should change berserker stance to something more appealing to use. Right now its meh at best
I need to update this guide, and finish it properly. I need to point out that pvp power is definitely the way to go right now, and shockwave as well.

I'll probably make note of which enchants as well etc.
Thanks asd
I just came back to the game yesterday and was pretty pumped up to see that shockwave was only on a 20 sec cool down. It's kind of difficult sometimes to get the cone placement on a moving target, but we're just not use to using it in PvP. I foresee it being a great tool!
Have a Macro idea.

Not sure how to right it up, but a mouseover macro to use Skull Banner and then right after, use Intervene. A good way to close a gap or getting away.

If I can get credit, call me... Sir Pants. :P
I know this is old, but im so glad i can say this:

All the QQ about overpowered warriors are because of this glyph.
GG, checkmate.
I know the guide is old, and you sure told me. I still got 2200 very quickly, and never once used glyph of gag order :)

For a lot of players, I think they are crutching on it. If blizzard removes the pummel part, many warriors will have bad habits and not know the meta-game on juking and understand the mindgames that lie therein.
Have a Macro idea.

Not sure how to right it up, but a mouseover macro to use Skull Banner and then right after, use Intervene. A good way to close a gap or getting away.

If I can get credit, call me... Sir Pants. :P

Mocking Banner would be the best choice because it's utilization is not as good as the other two. You can use demoralizing as well.

/cast !Mocking Banner
/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists][help][target=Mocking Banner] Intervene

I've used this for some time. I'm not sure if [target=Mocking Banner] is required because this macro will still work if you place a Demo banner down as well.

This may also be available without a mouseover and you can just directly go to the banner by using /cast -target=Mocking Banner] Intervene
Hey there, big fan of the guide, requested sticky. Quick question. Since the CS nerf in 4.1, I've only been using cs on mail/plate targets. I'm still stuck in this pattern, but haven't seen any info on it. Is it true that with the no rage cost change, it's useful to CS all armor types again?
I think Alchemy should be added to the list of professions. It gives a buff to flasks, which aren't able to be used in arenas. But Alchemists also get a special reusable flask that grants them strength equivalent to the other professions. This special flask can be used in arena and rated BGs.
Note to original poster : Gag Order will not work anymore comes 5.1, as the effect will not apply on players.

@Titus : No rage cost, grants Enrage if you crit, does 175% weapon damage... JUST DO IT.
Haha, idk how I wasn't doing it up to this point, forgot about the enrage proc. Yay
Gotta say, its been a pleasure working around with you're guide here. Made a few tweaks of my own and added some sequence macros.

"Vanilla was great, vanilla was glorious. Since the crafting of the arcanite reaper, and non-normalized special attacks, warriors were 2-4 shotting everyone in sight. It was great. However to gain this power, we had to sacrifice the ability to do anything at range, and also the susceptibility to crowd control effects. When damaging us, we came back at you harder, and the better option was to just try and avoid us. Glorious." - Made me nostalgic.

Also, I wanted to comment on the "Tier 4: Level 60: Area of Effect" I've noticed its almost completely situational between SW and BS. Seems that in the new battle ground "Temple" its been BS that has given me the burst at the beginning to almost single handily take over mid field. As you stated, anyone could make the argument. Stuns over long cool downs. AOE damage with a 'Blow All CoolDowns' burst. yada yada yada. Keeping a tome of clear mind has and switching back and forth between the two when a BG or Arena pops seems to be the safest way to go.

Question however, why rotate MS in front of CS? Wouldn't CS want to be you're opener always, directly after snaring?

Look forward to more of your feed back, and again, on behalf of all of us warriors, thanks for the wonderful guide.
I'm going over this guide again, and fixing it up for current warrior stuff. Many parts of it are outdated, and we have received nerfs/buffs etc., so stand firm while I get this done.
Might want to keep in mind the patch 5.2 changes
Thanks for nice guide here, nicely written,

the SnB Spell Reflection Macro i added in the Mass Spell Reflection as a nice touch

The first button smash puts you in shields and procs mass spell reflect and gives you 5 sec of spell reflect and then the second you can mash after the five seconds or you deflect and get another 5 seconds of reflection - 10 seconds of reflection - Sweet!
Yeah I'm prepping for the patch 5.2 changes. It's going to change a lot of information in this guide, as well as the way they are nerfing a lot of the bursty outliers right now. More often than not, stacking resilience will be a good route, as they removed the linear style scaling from it, and now gets exponentially better the more you have of it.

No doubt the 5.2 changes will deserve a major overhaul though.
Very good post, good job on this.

I just want to see wat u have to say for spriest / locks / rogue (even if we dont care since we can global them into the 7sec stun kill) and shamans.

If i can suggest something to your macro and addons part, i think the gladius addons is indipensable for arenas, and arena targets macro as well!!!

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