[H] INSOMNIACS Recruiting - Late Night Raids

A newly formed 10 man raiding core within <GAMBINO>, INSOMNIACS is recruiting to fill spots for Mists of Pandaria! We promote a positive and progression focused raid ethic as well as encourage a laid back, enjoyable atmosphere.

Raid Times:
Wednesday: 1 AM - 4AM
Thursday: 1 AM - 4AM
Sunday: 1AM - 4AM

What we expect:
RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY & INITIATIVE: We expect you to show up when you have signed up for a raid, and show up on time. Have respect for your teammates, this means no long AFKs leaving the rest of the raid group waiting on you. Show that you are a responsible raider by preparing yourself for raids. For example: stocking up on consumables, making sure you have the proper gems and enchants. Show the initiative to read up on the raid encounters yourself instead of expecting the raid leader to give you the bullet points.

What you can expect:
A fun, positive and mildly sarcastic raid team. We are very accepting of all types of people and are willing to help everyone and anyone out as long as we see potential. We will NOT tolerate laziness, we are here to witness content as its released and conqueror some serious progression together. We do not expect to be world or even realm first as we all have lives that involve other silly priorities like jobs, kids, etc... we are a reasonable people. That doesn't mean we don't want to give it our all every raid night tho! :)

If you feel like you would be a good fit for INSOMNIACS and we a good fit for you, please visit our site to apply, or contact Prayer or Taw in game for more info. Thank you for your interest.

No longer recruiting, thank you! :)

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