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Good afternoon,
I was wondering if anyone knows an alternative to DrDamage? For those who may not be familiar, it shows the damage (healing) amount of an ability on the tool-tip. For example, on my cobra shot button it would show 16,525 (or similar actual damage is likely different).

The developer of the addon no longer plays WoW and does not plan to update the addon. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks, -Irish
Critline does exactly that and I have been using it for a while now. It will also pop up to tell you when you set a new record and lets you view your highest hits/crits.
Thanks for your response. Critline does not display the damage on the actual action bar panel. That's what I was really hoping to accomplish for my UI.
Is there no end to my suffering?! I guess I will have to make do. :(
There's got to be an option around to make Critline display on tooltips, because it displays on my tooltips. I'll look at the options when I get on in a bit. It may also be TipTac, but I'm pretty sure Critline can do it.
Can you do a screen shot of your UI?
Sure! Give me a second, need to post this so I can find this thread more easily on my other computer...

Also, I found the option. On the main menu for Critline under your Addons tab in Interface, the second option down on the top right side is {Record in spell tooltips}.
DrDamage shows average (or by settings) damage from spell inside button (that what I need from addon, tooltip stuff I'm turning off every time). I don't know how and where they will put text this time since charges text added.
Thanks again Lyea for the feedback. In your box that's keybind B4 (Fel Fire I think, don't really play warlock?) Dr. Damage would display the average damage of that ability at the bottom of that action bar box. Same for your Q and SQ labeled boxes.

Here is a screen shot that shows what I mean.
Oh my! That IS quite different from Critline! Sorry I'm unable to provide any help then! =(
Any other insights out there to be offered? Bueller? Bueller? ... Anyone?
I'm with Irishfelix. I miss DrDamage. Anyone have an addon with similar functionality?
I have noticed that current tooltips seem to calculate damage based on what gear you are wearing, I almost wonder if it would be possible to pull that number and display it on the bar. That would be most awesome.
It seems there is none out there. I have searched high and low. Unless someone can take over the code writing for DrDamage, I guess we are all out of luck.
I miss DrDamage so much. It is making to learn how to play my monk very hard.
Totally agree. I feel gimped without it.
Someone should fix Dr Damage please!... I know nothing about that kind of coding... but I want it back!
thanks so much Sedivy, not quite DrDamage but it's definitely still what most of us are looking for!
I don't mean to barge in, with DrDamage, the addon was not as simple as displaying one set of stats. It gave you all of the theorycrafting information from %spell power scaling, hit/crit damage, individual dot, # of dots, period between dots, multipliers from talents/buffs, etc...

The good news is hope, its not written in stone but the developer of this add-on may (remember no guarantee) save the day by updating it during his winter break.

I'm praying he pulls through for us :P

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