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Am i the only one that actually liked the event? sure it wasnt amazing but it showed off blizzards cool new scenario idea. IT WAS SOMETHING FRESH. Something that we have not seen before. not to say i wasn't disappointed but after you look at it for wat its worth then yes, its good.

may the flaming begin:)
I really enjoyed it as well.
Not sure what everyone else was expecting :>
Shut up scenario guy.
In what way was this any different than any solo quest chain done with 2 friends?
I have seen this before... it was back in burning crusade, I think they were called group quests.
It was better than running DS/LFR again. For the 92358239058th time.

I had a lot of fun going with all my guildies, getting the achieves, everyone being excited about the tabards, etc. It wasn't the scenario itself that made me like it, it was the experience of going and doing something fresh and never-before-seen with my friends and guildies.
Complainers will always complain. Most of them didn't even know what the scenarios were supposed to be. My guess is they were thinking it was going to be an ubber heroic raid or something like that. And you're not alone: I also liked the scenario.
I had fun both times I did it, it was something different to do...

Like I said before people will complain about anything..
It was a glorified 3man dungeon in which all that was done was blow things up and fight mobs.

There was nothing fresh about it.

Nothing we already knew was told.

Call a restroom a loo but you are still talking about the same thing.

It was alright on its own but pales compared to the other pre-launch events.
09/17/2012 04:52 PMPosted by Skullfiend
Shut up scenario guy.
No where near what i expected...but it was something new and enjoyable nonetheless
really hate that all i get so far is fireworks and tabard
its was.....having read the book i expected something was ok i guess
Probably not. There are millions of people playing this game, and barely a fraction post on the forums. There are likely a lot of people who like it.
I would've liked it were it a simple scenario. It in no way was an adequate pre-expansion event, especially given Blizzard's prior events, and it did a very bad job telling the story.
OP, no. You are certainly not the only one who liked the event. I, as well as many others, have actually loved it. It's just that people love to complain after Blizzard does anything. Anything at all.

P.s. More scenarios, please, Blizzard. Pretty please with a cherry on top. ^.^
Wasn't it made clear by Blizz earlier that there wouldn't be an event like the previous ones due to them taking the time to create content for Post Pandaria launch instead? What else were these people expecting after hearing that?
I rather enjoyed it. And I got a nifty hat. I like nifty hats. :3
I feel like I've been away for a while..since yesterday. I don't see a post about an igmae it up yet? I figure that wouldn't happen till tomorrow.

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