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I find that this scenario was pretty fun. It made you feel heroic and like you were a part of a small elite team to help in the situation in which you were most needed for on either side. It was a brief run, as Blizzard had stated scenarios will be, and I for one look forward to the future scenarios.
compare it to the other "expansion/major event" things we have seen in the past.....
~AQ - doesnt compare .... bugs were everywhere even in cities... all lvls could participate and at the end the "first to complete the quest line in opening" got a mount...others got Rare patterns and cool doo dads and gold
~Naxx - doesnt compare ... Scourge were all over and in heavy clusters in certain areas... lights hope chapel actually had people visit it and had us go out and get stuff
~BC - Doesnt compare .... demons wide event style thing.... gold and items offered a plenty...
~Wrath - nothing will ever compare .... THE zombie event. dont really need to say more. Besides offering a ghost that followed you around...special gear looking like old teirs....and a tabard which i have and use even to this day...
~Dungeon openings IN wrath - yes these even had better events... hell 1 is still THERE (the argent tourny) and you can still do stuff there
~Cata - Doesnt compare .... Their event changed the face of wow... wasnt as "fun" as the zombie event but it was right up there and gave us reason to make alts again!

and now.... Mists...which i hope there is a TON more to....

theramores fall....a 3 man "instance" that offers pretty much NO loot...and nothing more than either a "tabard" "fireworks" or a small "bomb" that doenst even kill critters or "pets."

Very disappointed in this and it will offer nothing but sad memories and gets me wondering why i pre-ordered mists....AND came back to wow in the first place.


I have alrdy ordered two of MoP(me and the kids)...and I'm hoping for a lot more than this kind of engagement on Blizz part. I mean if this is the example of Blizz's devotion to MoP and WoW in we are so screwed.

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