<Renewed by Fire>(H) is recruiting!

Raiding style: Serious (We take progression seriously but we have fun doing it)
Raid size: 10 man
Raid times : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday 7pm.
GM: Cavina
Officers: Manuval,Wapiti

Spots open for main group:
1 tank with dps os (non warrior)
1 ranged dps (mage,elemental shammy, shadow priest,or boomkin)
1 melee dps (non rogue)
3 healers

Note: We are taking in all classes and lvls. We have some main people that are willing to use a different toon for a main run so anyone who is interested in trying to get on this raid team will be considered. For a limited time we are openly inviting to join as well as welcoming social members. In the future, we are looking to form at least 2 more raid groups.

Raiding requirements:
1.Must have DBM,vent, and recount. I am mentioning recount because not only does it allow you to know what numbers you are pulling, but because it prevents people from constantly asking for recount to be linked. It saves us from the headache. This is not much to ask since these are things that any person wanting to seriously or even casually raid should already have.
2. Must maintain a good attitude. Disrespectful remarks to players, officers, and myself will not be tolerated. We don't mind profane language though as long as it doesn't involve offending another person. Most of our people cuss like sailors.
3. Must be able to accept constructive criticism. If you are told that you need to regem, enchant,reforge, or even use a new rotation, try it out. This is not an attack on you. This is to help you max your potential and to pull your weight in the group.
4. We do not carry people. If you are looking for someone to carry your recently max leveled toon through a progression it isn't happening. This is not the guild for you then. We have no problem helping people out but please do not expect to get carried through a raid.
5. Please maintain a good attitude during raid times. We do not want people who whine or complain because we wiped on a boss. Even the most hardcore guilds out there do not one shot every boss. Keeping a negative attitude can hinder progression as well as annoy everyone else in the raid that actually wants to have fun and progress.
6. No whining about loot. We have loot rules so please respect them. The item you lost on will eventually drop again. This doesn't happen often but felt the need to mention it.
7. No nerdraging. I hate having to mention this but unfortunately there are people out there that spazz out and leave raids, and usually for the dumbest reasons. If you are the type to do this, please don't bother joining this guild. It will save myself and the officers from having to boot you from the guild.
8. Please show up to raids on time and prepared. No one wants to wait on you for 20 minutes to farm herbs to make potions. Please do this before or after raid time.
9. Attendance is mandatory! If you absolutely have something very important come up, please inform myself or an officer. I will not boot a person for 1 missed raid nor will the officers. However, people who pull their weight, are on time, have a good attitude, and consistent attendance will have a permanent spot.
10. Please do not join the guild and be a wallflower. If guild chat isn't full of constant chat, it means we are in vent. Feel free to join and bs with us. We don't bite.... much :).

Loot Rules
1 competitive MS roll win per night. (example: Alasria and Xbones roll on tier legs. Xbones wins. It was competitive so he burned his roll. Then, on a later boss, Alasria and Xbones roll on tier chest, it goes to Alasria by default but Alasria has burned her roll. Then Alasria and Xbones roll on a healing trinket, whoever rolls highest wins. Basically if you need something for MS still roll on it.

Unlimited OS rolls

1 pattern,1 essence, 1 mount unless no competition

Rank pulling: A person is only allowed to pull rank on loot once per raid. Myself and all officers are lumped into the category with the main raiders. If you are rolling on an item against a person who is a lower rank that you, you can pull rank on the item and it will cap your roll. This rule is to prevent new members from raiding for a week then either quitting the guild or go inactive while wearing much needed gear that could have went to a more veteran member. I do promote fast depending on skill, attitude, attendance. This rule will not be returning till after MoP raids come out.

Any alt used to fill a needed raid spot as a favor, will be able to roll as a main toon. This is because they are doing something not only for the guild, but also denying their main toon loot for the night.

So if you like what you see, feel free to whisper or send in game mail to myself or the officers. We look forward to hearing from you:)

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