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So I have been playing wow for about a year now on my laptop. I don't play on ultra and am just fine with subpar graphics. I ping about 87ms and prior to two days ago was usually around 30-40 FPS.

The first two days after the patch I was hovering between 40-60 FPS with the same latency. As of yesterday I can't seem to get above 15 FPS. I didn't see any additional patches downloading or noticed anything significant on my RAM usage. So it kind of has me thrown for a loop.

If it was strictly the MOP patch I should have noticed it right away right? I know latency doesn't have much, if anything, to do with FPS but just wanted to mention it as it is not a lag issue. I hae disabled 90% of my addons with no improvement what so ever.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

(I don't have the full laptop specs in front of me but something around 4GB RAM, I5 processor, about a year old now.)
I actually had this problem the night the patch dropped. My advice is to clear the cache then go to your launcher and select load defaults and see if it helps you out. Pretty much just resetting all of your old settings and starting it up new.
Also, old addons may be screwing your FPS up. Disable all addons, delete Cache folder within WoW folder (not one inside Data folder). Start WoW up again.
So thanks for the info...Seemed to help out. I cleared the cache file and reset back to original settings and things improved. Also gave me a good chance to get rid of some unused addons. Thanks again...

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