Looking for tailor

Hello, I'm looking for a tailor who has the cindercloth vest or pants recipe for a transmorg I'm looking to create. I don't want to spend the time farming the recipes since they have such a low drop rate. I have the mats needed for both.
Hi Sur!

Not sure if you found anyone to make you the Cinder stuff but if you still need them, I have the Vest and Pants made if you want. :)

I could meet you on my Priest in Booty Bay (this toon is hated with the Goblins) and trade that way off the neutral AH since you are a Hordie!

Just shout and let me know!
No I haven't found anyone yet! That sounds awesome, you just made my day ^___^ What time will work for you?
Our realm is doing a restart right now but after, wanna meet? :)
Yup sounds good!! =D
:D Okay! I'm flying down on my Priest, she's a Draenei (Ellieva), I'll be at the neutral BB AH! :)

Once I see you there, I'll put them on the AH for like 1c.
im waiting infront of it now ~.^
Are you at the Booty Bay neutral AH? I don't see you? Are you on this toon? Surii? I'm here as well. :O
Oh I see you now, you are by the mailboxes! Come over to the AH! :D
Ok I'm putting them on the AH right now 1c!
Thank you so much Akila, I appreciate it so much <3333 ^__^ Thank you again, You're amazing!
:) You are so very welcome!

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