[A] Insurmountable Odds (25) is Recruiting!

Moon Guard
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Im very interested in 25m Raiding. I will log out in my resto gear tonight so you can see it tomorrow. I raided with you guys back on my priest when FL was current, and it was great times. Thanks for the consideration as always.
Heroic Thorim, a moment of TRUE glory unequaled in the annals of Moon Guard History!

Thank you Venita :-D

Shamandrus, we're definitely interested in another restoration druid. I bet Kyrstaanu would be very happy to hear from you! Feel free to whisper me if you catch me online either. Our next raid is Wednesday!

"Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee."
~Muhammad Ali on how to beat Will of the Emperor.
*hands out free mana cakes*
IO is scary!

Recruiting anything except for healing priests, guardian druids and blood dks, I believe!
Um, and we may already have 4 dks and 4 shadowpriests. So maaaybe those are tough spots to get.
And any tanks would end up being a third tank although we would really like to rotate 3 primary tanks regularly so a tank going on vacation doesn't suddenly result in "oh, how do I do this job!?". But should expect to spend the majority of their time dpsing and would really have to be solid melee dps with no guarantees of constant tanking work. We do have one ret paladin already building a tanking set.

We have no monks or warriors afaik :-p.
Shamandrus, I'm sure Ari meant to say resto shaman! I'm certainly interested in taking on another resto shaman at this time.

I'll try to contact you when I'm online. Feel free to poke me if you see me.

Healing spots still open and available for interested Holy Paladins, Windwalkers and Resto Shaman or Druid! (Still full on priests of all flavours).
By the way that was a scary boo, not a negative boo!
Silly Kyrstaanu, Mistweavers are the healing monks.

Also hi!
Still looking forward to hearing from you Shamandrus!

Recruiting needs on the first page have been updated.
Dang Haltt, you'd think I'd know that, seeing as how I'm leveling one. >.>
Recruiting needs basically being anything that's not a death knight or a priest! ;-). But first page has a better indication :-).
I really need to figure out how to make the book mark go to the most recent page of the thread . . . ;-).
We're especially looking for healers: Shaman, Paladin, and Monk most acutely.
There are no healers, I swear it. .-.
I may have to put my healing gear back on!
Interested healers should definitely speak with me!
Still recruiting raiders! Contact an officer or section leader today!

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