[A] Insurmountable Odds (25) is Recruiting!

Moon Guard
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Almost raid time!
Aww, you killed 496 bosses without me!
I mean, yay!
Crud, I am not ready for Monday.
Time to plan something to look forward to, like our raid on Wednesday at 7:30 server (Central Time). We're still recruiting non-priest healers and non priest/non-dk dps!
I did have to put my healing gear back on! For at least one raid.

Edit: Despite what Heremod has been saying, we would consider talented priest or DK applications as well.
Such strange raiding hours
12/11/2012 11:16 AMPosted by Minywheats
Such strange raiding hours

They're really not my ideal, but it was originally set up to work for people working 9-5 M-F.

Our raid schedule has not changed much in 5 years.
What Ari said, they're designed around fitting in people who work 9-5 on both coasts. So that allows the California folks an hour to get home, and gets the EST people offline shortly after 11:00 on work nights. We've cut back on Sunday a lot in the past few years, admittedly as tiers got more discrete and tended towards smaller. They're definitely a little more adult hours than they are university friendly hours, given the Saturday night raid, so we do tend to attract an older crowd.
Join us!
Next batch of trial runs are tonight (Wednesday), still time to look into one for anyone interested.
Always seeking raiders for our roster.
Raid invites for the Wednesday raid in 110 minutes! Looking for more full-time raiders!
Yay for Kaliiliiiliiliii's :-).
check out these mega cuties
I can't tell if that will help or hurt, Mishi... XD
More Mishi can never hurt!
sad lonely busy mishies that miss you all a lot!
I am baking cookies. I promise I am not letting any of the snakes from my traps slither around the counter while doing so. I really, really promise that my wolf did not drool in the batter either.

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