[A] LF Oceanic raiding times guild

Hi friends

I would very much like to get back into "semi-serious" raiding. Didn't really do much that was super organised in Cata, during WOTLK our old team killed Yoggy while he was current, got our ICC drakes while current (5% nerf if memory serves), did the no deaths thing in H ToC ....so not super amazing server firsts, but not horrible :-). My current guild is amazing, but being US based, it's hard to make anything but the occasional alt-run.

I'm available to raid any time after 1930 AEST (or 1830 during "winter time")....wouldn't really want to be starting later than 2100 AEST. Ideally raiding 2-3 nights per week.

This guy is my main, and I love playing him. I've also got a prot pally who I also quite enjoy playing but his OS has always been holy. Have other 85's but not really keen to raid with them.

So if any Aussie guilds who have reasonable progression are interested, give us a yell!

Thanks for reading.

PS: Don't pay too much attention to my current gemming/reforging/glyphs - I've not really fixed him up properly since 5.04
Still looking :-)

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