fastest way to level up 85 in 4 days

i really wanna level up my warrior (lvl10) before mop. I would really apreciate a nice trick or the best way to level as fast as possible. Normally i do 1-85 in 3 days played time, but i have school , 2 days played time woudl be the best that i can but i dont know anyway to lvl 85 in 2 days... btw i have all boa and guidl perks

thank you alot guys
don't tell me questing, i know there's a fastest way ^^
actually yeah theres a simple way...

Step 1... be prot
step 2... get heirloom gear and a guild with the +10% xp bonus (total i think is about 55% more xp if you have them all?)
step 3... instnace grind as a tank
Optional step 4... Quest while waiting for ques

you'll actually find out you gain 1 or 2 lvls per instance early on and many groups wanting to constantly reque for the added xp...and most times you'll come out of the instance needing to enter the next zone to quest afterwards.

and remember when/if you log out find an inn.....hope this helps ^.^
All heirlooms

Mine and herb, as your profs (heirlooms add on to the xp for those TOO.)

Do quests when yellow, or something, solo. While doing them, mine and herb in passing. Do quests which are quick to do, don't bother with "get 10,000 rare drop hooves from these mobs..."

Or do instances, I guess, I don't find those rapid though.
Theylon is right. I leveled a Tauren Paladin from 1-85 in about five or six days just doing that. If you don't have the Heirloom rings (and they're a pain to get) you can get 45% increased XP from having the rest of the Heirloom gear. There's really no time to queue between dungeons, so don't worry about questing. Just spam those dungeons back to back to back.

Levels 1-60 will be a breeze, most of the time you'll level 1-3 times per dungeon and half the time you'll level past some of those dungeons without even seeing them. 60-80 slows down substantially and you'll grind the same ones over and over. This should be your hardest part, but if you keep with it, you'll make it.

Finally, 80-85 the fastest way is still questing. My personal recommendation is Hyjal, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands. I personally had enough XP by the end of Deepholm to be at 84 and go straight to the Highlands and avoid Uldum. You'll probably only want to quest in these zones until you level into the next zone. So, if you're 84 in the middle of Deepholm, don't finish the zone up, just go straight to the Twilight Highlands.
See if you can find someone to use Recruit a friend with. 300% xp gain from 1-80. Takes me about 13 hours to go from 1 to 85.
i figured just tanking groups of monsters while questing allways get atleast 2-3k exp depending on your monster just dont round them up too much aha zombie rounding up doesnt work on wow too good
where do i find heirloom gear
Wtf?! It took me a whole year to get to level 80! Now I feel like I'm worthless and I can't level good ;.; How do you even get to lvl 50 in 3 days?!
As others have said: Full heirlooms (which you get in Org/Stormwind from the Justice Heirloom person), I got to level 15 then parked my happy butt in Org and queued, again and again and again.......

Honestly, when I hit 77 I was about to kill myself from the boredom of running the same two Wrath dungeons over and over, so I went to Icecrown and quested.

And, level 50 in 3 days isn't that difficult if you're smart about leveling, that is, be queued for a dungeon constantly (if you're tanking this won't be a problem since you'll have an instant queue). If you're DPS than quest as much as possible and stay queued. Usually I don't "random" queue, I queue for dungeons that I've never been through (on that toon) because the quests in each dungeon give good xp. Make sure you log out in an Inn (seriously, do this!!!), and after level 60 only play on that character when you have rested XP (maybe 70, but at some point it just becomes too slow to quest all the time without rested xp)

I leveled 9 characters to 85 (started and leveled!) in Cata, and this is how I handled each one, except my main, which I was leveling constantly, but I also wasn't trying to set leveling records, etc. I'm leveling two new characters right now and I follow these same rules.
Taken How did you get from 1-85 in 13 hours? questing? or what.. it took me and my brother 6 hours to get to 24
MoP Rare XP consumable + full quest log of Complete quests + full BoAs + farm spots = super, super, super fast.

But your consumable goes quickly, so don't waste time.
im at lvl 80 so far been 2 days 13hrs played time i started off questing to lvl 30 then bg's BUT best time tio do bg's is late at night and early morning for some reason seem to win alot as horde then when i hit 50 did quests again and dungeons but only dungeons with quests then at around 77 did alot of utgarde keep dungeon as it is quick and gives good ex now at hyjul questing and might do some more dungeons i havent done yet all with heirlooms accept the chest ran outta justice points this is my way as i get borred just questing and prefer pvp.
1 day and 13 hours of pure questing to get lvl 50
i want to lvl up 2 i am almost lvl 51 i just want a D.K
If you are a pandaren u can lvl super fast because of the extra length of being rested
im lvl 38 and its taken me a week and 3 days to get here how in the hell are you people doing this XD
exactly it is taking me forever to get my pally past level 10

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