Account-wide achievements in guild roster

Blizz, since 5.0.4, the achievement points tab in the guild roster has become pretty much useless now with the whole account-wide achievement thing. Now, you probably have alot more achievements total across all toons rather than your sole main toon. This makes the achievement points shown on your main toon completely obsolete and meaningless.

I feel this takes away from the whole "Hey, check out how many achievements that guy has!" thing, and I believe it should still be that way. Just implement a way for your guild to see your account-wide achievement score, such as adding the battletag to the guild roster.

And please don't come in here and bash me saying "Just check the armory", you shouldn't have to do this because its such a waste of time to alt-tab to a browser..

I hope you're thinking of a solution Blizz.

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