Alliance 25m for MoP

The Gentlemans Club is a 10m guild of competent, fun, silly friends. We had a ton of turnover during DS progression, having to replace 2 healers and 5 dps over the course of our raiding. While that set us back, we were still the 2nd blue team to clear H Madness (usually progressing with a pug member)....and we did it all only ever raiding one night a week; yep, thats it.

Sundays 7pm

Some of us also raid with other guilds(on alts) and know a great handful of other great, non suck raiders. With that amazing resource available, we have decided that our Sunday night raid should be a 25m during MoP. We have easily 12-15 raiders in guild and another 6-8 friends/alts that have shown interest. So now all we need is YOU.

Tanks and healers are plentiful already and they're the cream of the crop. So at this point I need the best of the best DPS to get excited for 25m raiding in the coming weeks.

Hit me up in game for details or talk to our GM Kolbie or other officers such as Hawtz.

Good luck! =)
Thank you AONG! May the force be with you as well.
AONG? (Ugh, I'm getting old, I don't get these references anymore..)
Arthas Official Nice Guy! the words of NFL Live "C'Mon Man!"
back to the front
I might be interested. and I know a few people that might be as well. We'll discuss it
09/25/2012 10:45 PMPosted by Brucebleed
I might be interested. and I know a few people that might be as well. We'll discuss it

ohhhh man....with pros like that it could be quite the group
back to the top...we're still looking for the best of the best dps to come play with us in raids. also, RBG and arena teams happen fairly frequently with some top pvp aces in the guild.
Hey if you guys are willing to come horde we definitely can have a full time 25 man raiding guild. Let me know how you feel about that?

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