Archmage's Staff

Any shaman got Archmage's Staff on Theramore event? I don't want to farm it without being sure i have a chance. It is a perfect match for T7.5 shaman set.
I got three Overseer's Handaxe so far. THREE. Two is OK, but the third really ticked me off...
Mannnnnnnn, I want that shield...
Have only done the even once. Got Everlasting Horde Firework and that's it.
Whats the drop rate on those epics? I've done the scenario too many times to count and have acquired quite the stack of fireworks....nothing more =(
I have 2 agility helmets, an intellect helmet, and 35 fireworks.

My priest got everything possible in about 7 runs, it's really pissing me off that my shaman isn't getting anything.
I finally got the shield, now I'm glad to have something better than a 378 before MoP hits. Now to see if the final run of DS will net me the 397 one or not...

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