Advice for getting Cloud 9?

Hi guys,

As part of a raiding guild, most of the PvE achievements will come my way in good time but not many people in the guild play PvP. Obviously I don't want to leave my guild but I do want to get this achievement. I am slowly working towards all the PvP ones and have many of the harder ones (School of Hard Knocks, for example) and I guess Stormtrooper will happen at some stage - but this Cloud 9 one is very difficult, made harder by the fact that only the person doing the returns gets the achievement. I have never come close to getting this. Any thoughts on ways to achieve it?

Honestly, your best chance is using a pre-made. You can make pre-mades using AV preform mod. Have 10 of your guildies, friends, or people from open raid come with you, and camp your flag room, wait for people to come in, kill them and return.
Check out wowhead for some good tips, usually has good suggestions on achieves, but doing this one without a premade with the intention of you getting it will be nearly impossible.

I suppose you could grab the flag in a game with really good healers and just try to get a lot of returns.
I did cloud 9 in a partial premade of guildies. Just a total of 5 of us, all we did was pretty much camp our flag room killing anyone who tried to take the flag. It works pretty well although you do have to get the flag yourself at some point to prevent the pugs from capping and ending the match for you.
Have they fixed the "Leave BG" gimmick?

If they haven't just play tp normally but never hit "Leave BG" after the bg ends just wait the 2 minutes. If they haven't fixed it the counter should hold progress through multiple bgs as long as you don't hit that button.

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